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How we are going to live? How we are going to move?

New approaches for transportation planning and operations are under way. Under the impression of a new age of energy consumption and environmental responsibility things have to develop quickly.

It is high time for a new Mobility!

Whether car-sharing, car-pooling, mobility management or e-mobility: Cities and companies need to refocus their mobility plans.

Our worldwide operating Team is specialized on international projects on sustainable transportation solutions - we call it "Seamless Mobility".

team red offers you strategic and operational advice and assists you communicating your products and services. We deliver expert knowledge in the field of transportation and connected branches such as tourism and information technology.

We help to get you moving - towards a mobile and sustainable future!


Latest News

October 11, 2013:— team red is a co-sponsor of the Shared Use Mobility Summit in San Francisco, California organized by Dr. Susan Shaheen, Transportation Sustainability Research Center, University of California, Berkeley. Dr. Bodo Schwieger presents early data from the impact evaluation of one-way carsharing in Munich, Germany and Dave Brook moderates the final session, summarizing recommendations for policy changes needed to facilitate the faster adoption of shared use mobility services.

October 9, 2013: team red is developing the Transport System between Managua, Masaya and Granada, Nicaragua