Selected References USA

Worldwide Carsharing Development, Challenges and Technology

Client: Major international car rental company

Outline: The project provided a written report and several days of consultation car rental company wanting to understand the the carsharing market and exploring the possibility of entering the carsharing space. The report included an comparison of car rental and carsharing customers and operation, detailed discussion about carshare technology and detailed discussion of competitive challenges from existing carshare companies worldwide. The 70 page final report included 50 pages of detailed appendices including a competitive analysis of carshare operators in North America, Europe and Asia. It was followed by 2+ days of presentation and discussion at corporate headquarters.

Contact: David Brook (Portland) and Dr. Bodo Schwieger (Berlin)


car2go: The innovative pay-as-you-go service

The next chapter in carsharing in North America is going to be written in Texas. Daimler AG announced that the next city they would test market their innovative Car2Go service would be Austin, Texas. Hardly your prime carsharing territory (although Austin Carshare has been making a go of it).

But then then this is hardly your typical carsharing concept. We're talking on-demand, open-ended, carsharing, allowing one way trips (between stations) using Smart cars (only) presumably at a per minute charge similar to Ulm pilot - 0.19 per minute, 9.90€ per hour and 49€ per day - $26¢ per minute, $13.50 per hour and $66 per day - if prices were translated directly to Austin (which is unknown at this time).

And, of course, it's the first major carsharing operation directly funded by an auto manufacturer, in this case Germany's Daimler AG, which is looking for new business opportunities in the face of radically different environmental and economic future.

team red delivered customer and target group studies to the first pilot scheme in Ulm as well as the Austin scheme.

Contact: David Brook (Portland) and Dr. Bodo Schwieger (Berlin) 


Carsharing Potential in Three World Cities

Client: World Business Council for Sustainable Development
Outline: Description of operation and benefits car sharing services and estimation of potential in Hamburg, Shanghai and Chicago. The result was a 25 page report that was presented at the World Business Council for Sustainable Development conference in Shanghai.

Contact: David Brook (Portland)


The Business Case for Carsharing

Client: Major automobile insurance company
Outline: Overview of carsharing industry and operation; new developments including peer to peer carsharing and with extensive discussion of options for the company to participate in the carsharing industry, including potential partnerships or direct operation of a P2P carshare service.

Contact: David Brook (Portland)


Bringing Carsharing to Eugene

Client: Lane County Council of Governments

Outline: Overview of carsharing industry and factors the city needs to consider in order to attract carshare companies to come to the Eugene-Springfield (Oregon) area. The work involved interviews with stakeholder groups in city agencies and major employers in the area. The project included coordination of several meetings with stakeholders to develop a strategy to attract a viable operator to provide community-wide carsharing service. The final report included recommendations for important sections for a Request for Proposals and follow up evaluation of the responses.

Contact: David Brook (Portland)


Carsharing: Issues, Prospects and Opportunities

Client: Major international car rental company
Outline: Overview of carsharing industry and service operation, including recommendations on business strategy, branding, technology providers, marketing, etc. The final report was followed by 2 days of presentation and discussion at corporate headquarters.  The company subsequently started a carshare subsidiary that is now offered internationally.

Contact: David Brook (Portland)


Selected International References

Clean Drive

Client: European Commission
Outline: Training for car dealers and leasing companies to promote efficient vehicles and alternative fuels. The project is part of the EU-program "Intelligent Energy Europe".

Project number for further inquiries: P202


Qasr al Hokum Parking Management Pilot

Client: Dornier Consulting, Germany

  • Demand-supply balance
  • financial assessment
  • ToR for the outsourcing of Management Services
  • Evaluation and Monitoring Plan

Project number for further inquiries: P154


Technical assistance to Nicosia Public Transport Enhancement Programme

Client: Arup Transport UK

  • Development of a Transport Strategy for Nicosia (Master Plan)
  • Reorganisation of the Public Transport Sector
  • Implementation of Master PlanParking Policy development  



Sustainable Transport Strategy, City of Pula

Client: DHV Group, Netherlands

  • Establishment of Traffic Forecast Model using VISUM software.
  • Supervising traffic counts
  • Preparation and evaluation of future alternatives in terms of traffic flow, travel times, urban development opportunities and environmental impact.

Project number for further inquiries: P126


King Abdullah Financial District Master Plan

Client: Dornier Consulting, Germany
Outline: Elaboration of Parking Issues in the Master Plan. Estimation of demand, elaboration of an appropriate Parking Management system under security constraints, Internal Transport System, functional Design of Parking Facilities.

Project number for further inquiries: P134   


Prefeasibility Study Jebel Hafeet Development

Client: Dornier Consulting, Germany
Outline: Transportation issues of the Master Plan for a full scale leisure development in Al Ain including a 2.6 km Ski slope, leisure bungalows, hotels, wellness, golf court. Suitability of the external road network, parking demand and location of supply, internal logistics including freight. Opportunities for sustainable development.


Integrated Tarif and Ticketing System for Johannesburg

Client: Dornier Consulting, Germany
Outline: Project Manager for Development of Integrated Ticketing Policy, Gain support among stakeholders.

Project number for further inquiries: P134  


EU-Project e-TREAM (2006 - 2008)

Together with 16 partners from 9 countries the B.&S.U. mbH is currently implementing the project "e-TREAM - e-learning for training Energy Agencies in mobility management and alternative fuels" in the framework of the EU programme "Intelligent Energy Europe".

e-TREAM is a STEER project of the Intelligent Energy Europe Programme of the European Commission, combining the experience of Energy Agencies in nine European countries to address mobility issues such as the need to reduce energy consumption in transport, and to promote alternative fuels and more sustainable transport modes. Long-term benefits will include the increase of sustainable mobility, reductions in costs, health-threatening pollution and noise levels in urban settings and increased public awareness of the need for action.

e-TREAM will accomplish its goals through a program of education and training, more specifically through the employment of an e-learning platform. Training modules, developed in those projects will be adapted to the needs of the employees of Energy Agencies and selected other market actors expanding their expertise in mobility issues and enabling them to provide new services in their regions.

Client: EU-Kommission
Project Coordinator: Tobias Kipp


'Learning Journey' New Mobility services

Client: Hertz Norway
Outline: Organization of a ‘Learning Journey’ for Hertz Norway Management to several European Countries to see developments in new mobility services.

Project number for further inquiries: P114      


car2go: Market positioning, target group research, customer tests

Client: car2go GmbH/ Daimler AG
Outline: Introduction support and accompanying of car2go, the first large scale one way car rental system

Project number for further inquiries: P131


Feasibility Study Electric Bus Shuttle Valetta

Client: Dornier Consulting, Germany
Outline: Quick scan for the feasibility of an electric bus shuttle for tourist purposes


Press and Publication work

Client: Polish Tourist Board, Germany
Outline: Drafting of Press Bulletins and Publications for newspaper about Polish tourist destinations.

Project Number for further inquiries: P200



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